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About - Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery - EBRS


What is Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery? (EBRS)

Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery (EBRS) was developed to foster critical appraisal skills in practicing surgeons and trainees in order that they may evaluate surgical literature and practice Evidence Based Surgery.  This requires some knowledge of study design, statistics, outcomes assessment (such as quality of life), meta-analysis, decision analysis, and cost effectiveness. Every month, we conduct a “virtual” journal club, evaluating articles focused on treatment effectiveness, causation, risk factors, prognosis, diagnostic tests and practice guidelines.  At the conclusion of each EBRS module, EBRS members will ideally enhance their knowledge and skills to critically appraise the surgical literature.

Critical appraisal skills are discussed in our online community, with the evaluation of important surgical papers as the focal point.  We evaluate 8 clinical articles per years from the general surgical literature are presented (with occasional “bonus” article discussions of studies hot off the presses). The articles are chosen because they highlight important clinical issues, and employ a variety of methodologies that surgeons will encounter. Each module will include commentaries written by internationally recognized clinical and methodologic experts from our global panel of experts.  Our members can review the article before these commentaries are released and join our online forum for a stimulating discussion by members of our community.


“Build a global surgical community that provides the best surgery for patients based on evidence.”


“We bring surgeons together in a virtual community to use evidence based principles to evaluate and implement surgical innovation for best patient care.”


At ebrs.online, we connect experts in clinical surgery and evidence based methodology to evaluate emerging surgical literature.  In this context, we collaboratively assess the strengths and weaknesses of current practice compared to the risks and benefits of new approaches to care.  By facilitating this community, we empower surgeons around the world to participate in this evaluative process and apply the best practices possible to the patients they serve.


What are the benefits of EBRS?

There are several reasons to participate in EBRS:

  • Medical knowledge and technology are changing rapidly. Surgeons must be able to access and evaluate the current literature in order to evaluate these new techniques and thus, provide optimal care for their patients and use health care resources wisely.
  • Participation in EBRS is now free for everyone! EBRS is a practical, straightforward way for busy surgeons enhance their critical appraisal skills and increase their clinical knowledge on their own time but in an interactive way.
  • EBRS provides an opportunity for you to discuss common surgical problems with colleagues across Canada, the United State and Internationally including experts in the field.
  • EBRS has been shown to be an effective way of teaching critical appraisal skills to practicing general surgeons.
  •  Participants have provided positive feedback and found EBRS to be interesting, useful and fun!
  • Participants can obtain Maintenance of Certification Credits.

How can I participate in EBRS as a CAGS member?

Simply sign up and create a profile by clicking here.  The Canadian Association of General Surgeons has covered 2018-19 membership costs for all of its members, so membership is free for CAGS members in good standing (you just need to create an account on EBRS using the same email address as you used on the CAGS website.

How can I participate in EBRS as a non-CAGS member?

EBRS is now free to use for everyone! Once you sign up, you can access to impactful surgery papers and reviews from our expert reviewers from around the world.

Simply sign up and create a profile by clicking here.

What is available on the EBRS Site?

  • User Guide – Gives step by step instructions on how to navigate through the EBRS site
  • Monthly Articles – Articles available for the current year’s on-line discussion which runs from October -May
  • Current Reviews – Critiques completed by methodological and clinical experts for the October-May packages
  • Archives – Previous packages from the year 2000 to present and an Index section with links to articles related to methodological and clinical topics
  • Evaluation – Monthly on-line evaluation to be completed by participants to obtain RCPSC MOC credits.
  • Post-test – Five multiple choice online questions to be completed by participants to obtain RCPSC MOC credit.

If you require more information, contact:

Silas Yip
Administrative Coordinator
Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery
Department of Surgery
St. Paul’s Hospital
(604) 682 2344 ex. 66005



EBRS Committee