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Founders - Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery - EBRS


Dr. McLeod is a Professor in the Departments of Surgery and Health Policy Management and Evaluation the University of Toronto. She is a past president of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons and is currently a Regent of the American College of Surgeons.  She is the immediate past president of the American Surgical Association. She has led several multicentre Canadian clinical trials in colorectal surgery and has authored over 200 peer reviewed articles and 40 book chapters.  She is now Vice-President, Clinical Programs & Quality Initiatives at Cancer Care Ontario.

Dr. McLeod, created Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery with help from Marg Mckenzie, the program’s first Administrative Co-ordinator . Dr. McLeod formed a group of surgeon experts in research methodology and created a paper based journal club for surgeons and residency programs alike.  Every year, 8-12 packages were distributed to participant surgeons and included the study under discussion, along with expert commentary from 3 different surgeons to assist in the virtual journal club experience. Originally sponsored by CAGS, the program expanded and partnered with the American College of Surgeons to make this important educational resource available across North America. Dr McLeod’s visionary concept, along with her hard work and tenacity, have enhanced the critical appraisal skills in new generations of surgeons and surgical trainees.

In 2017, Dr. McLeod was awarded the Duncan Graham Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education in part for her work on EBRS.  In 2020, Dr. McLeod was appointed as an Office of the Order of Canada, one of the highest honours given to citizens of Canada for outstanding contribution to the betterment of the nation.