Effect of Colonoscopy Screening on Risks of Colorectal Cancer and Related Death


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Methodological Reviewer: Nancy Baxter, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FACS, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The University of Melbourne

Clinical Reviewer: Laura Targownik, MD, MSHS, FRCPC, Mount Sinai Hospital and The University of Toronto

Clinical Reviewer: Fahima Dossa, MD, PhD, University of Toronto, Division of General Surgery (PGY-5 at the time of this webinar)


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Please read the above article and consider discuss the following questions:

  1. What are the clinical questions being addressed?
  2. Were all important options and outcomes considered?
  3. Was an explicit and sensible process used to identify, select and combine evidence?
  4. Was an explicit and sensible process used to consider the relative value of different outcomes?
  5. Is the guideline likely to account for important recent developments?
  6. Has the guideline been subjected to peer review and testing?
  7. Are practical clinically important recommendations made?
  8. How strong are the recommendations?
  9. What is the impact of uncertainty associated with the evidence and values used in the guidelines?
  10. State the conclusion. Have the authors addressed the clinical questions posed?
  11. Does the evidence support the conclusion?