Loop Ileostomy/Colonic Lavage for C. difficile


Featured Article

Neal MD, Alverdy JC, Hall DE, et al. Diverting loop ileostomy and colonic lavage. An alternative to total abdominal colectomy for the treatment of severe, complicated Colistridium difficile associated disease. Ann Surg 2011;254:423-429

Expert Reviews

Methodological Review: Carl Brown, MD MSc FRCSC FACS, Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia.
Clinical Review: Andrew Morris, MD/Nisha Thampi, MD – Department of General Internal Medicine, University of Toronto
Clinical Review: Marylise Boutros, MD – Department of Surgery, McGill University
Clinical Review: Celia Divino, MD – Department of Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Supplementary Article

Paradis C; Bias in Surgical Research. Ann of Surg. 2008;248(2):180-88


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  2. What is the study design?
  3. What is the source of data?
  4. Are the data accurate and valid?
  5. Are the outcomes appropriate?
  6. What are the results?
  7. Is there adequate clinical information?
  8. Is there appropriate risk adjustments?
  9. Are the results generalizable?
  10. State the conclusion. Have the authors addressed the clinical question posed?
  11. Does the evidence support the conclusion?